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13 June 2007 @ 11:45 pm
Well, it's reached Boston. I can see them from the loft, the windows look down on Kenmore Square. The Citgo sign just went out, the power is out along the whole block. They're just wandering aimlessly, some of them will stop sometimes and look up towards my apartment, but I don't think they can see me. At least I'm on the third floor....
Cars are scattered all over the Pike like a child had a tantrum with his toys. The super says he can get us up on the roof. It's funny, we usually go up there to watch the fireworks on the esplanade every fourth of July, a small group of us with lawn chairs and a case of beer, maybe fire up the grill. Who knows if we'll see another fourth....

I've barricaded myself in as best I can, the door is reinforced steel, the walls are concrete.
I can hear someone coming, I hope this won't be the last time we speak....

Good luck everyone.....BLITEOTW
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11 June 2007 @ 12:31 am
So, Sopranos finale??? What the fuck??? Seriously, just...what.the.fuck.

Sorry, that's all I got.
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27 May 2007 @ 11:47 am

So, is it wrong that I'm already half in the bag and it's not even noon yet?

Yes, dears I made it to the Cape, sitting here waiting for the grill to get fired up at my friend's lovely, lovely little shack.

The inebriation could prove to be a problem.

Remember in Jaws, the bonfire and the drunken stripping and running off at midnight into the ocean to promptly be eaten by a mile-long shark??

It could happen, I'm just saying, so if you don't hear from me well.....

In honor of my apparent inevitable demise (and my one of my all-time favorite movies), I leave you with....

Jaws in 30 seconds (with bunnies!!!)

You can find many more here

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19 April 2007 @ 10:11 pm
Breaking news....giant ball of light sighted over Boston! 

According to legend, we orbit this lovely little furnace. 
Fans include practitioners of photosynthesis; soggy New Englanders. 

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16 April 2007 @ 07:44 pm
It's scary how you can go about your day completely oblivious to tragic events affecting so many lives while you're standing in a grocery store aisle considering the pros and cons of buying a few extra cans of soup.  

Things are changing so fast, it feels like every day the spring is wound a little bit tighter. 

New York on 9/11, soldiers killed daily in Iraq, Al-Qaeda, nuclear threats from Korea, hostilities in Iran, Amish children shot to death in a one room school house, Virginia Tech students murdered in lecture halls on a quiet Monday morning.

The world is ramping up, I don't want to know what for.
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15 April 2007 @ 04:23 pm
I gave into my inner Starbucks whore today in an attempt to put off the coma I've been threatening to slip into. I was only partially successful, I think I need to start mainlining.

And while we're at it, what is it about life that virtually guarantees you will run into someone you don't want to when you're just there to get your hit and get the fuck out.

There are certain people walking around on this planet (and apparently my Starbucks) that I have a burning, consuming desire to avoid at all costs. It's not who you think, either. Not the ex-lover, not an unrequited lust, not a "frenemy" --
(and God, isn't that a great word). Everyone has *that* list.

All I'll say is that while they were asking me all the right, caring questions, I was planning my escape. 
Coping mechanisms are apparently my specialty. Even when they aren't working, I'll keep up the front.

So now I'm riding my caffiene high, have actually dug myself out from underneath a pile of work, and getting a fair bit of writing done that apparently won't leave me alone until it consumes me or I finish. 

Obligatory tv boyfriend update:

Anderson in Afghanistan all next week!! 

Olbermann will have the opportunity to worship at the altar of the flack jacket along with the rest of us. Oh, where will you be again, Keith? That's right, safe--in--the--studio. No political upheaval, no pesky war zones, no bombings or snipers, or um, fear of kidnapping. Just a quiet studio and glass of warm milk. 

I predict Stephen will hand Sean Penn his bony little ass next week. 

Paul Dinello needs to come home with me.
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The weather is killing me. Every time the snow finally melts, we get more. Or sleet and freezing rain so that everything turns into a muddy pit from hell when it melts. A month ago we had a weekend of 70 degree weather and then overnight had a storm dump over a foot of snow on the ground. Now we're getting more crappy weather over the weekend. Spring is when I can finally drag my sorry ass out of the emotional basement.  Hurry up and get here already!!. 

On a completely unrelated (Ander-gloating) note, can you say 50 million bucks? 5-0, 50 million over 5 years! Oh yeah, and worth every damn penny. As Stephen would say "Eat It Olbermann!!" I bet he's crying on the phone to his agent as we speak. 

On a shallow, perving Stephen note.....french cuffs, excessive adjusting of jackets and general hotness this evening.

And finally, Colburtle the Turtle!!  Follow the race! Save a turtle! www.greatturtlerace.com Heeeeee!!!!!

That is all
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11 April 2007 @ 01:20 am
WTF is wrong with Keith Olbermann? Was he dropped on his head as a child? I take that back, according to the article I was reading today in NY Mag, he used to get the beat-down from school girls on the regular. Explains a lot. 

At least the article lets him hang himself with his own rope. ESPN hates him, he insults his coworkers and his own friends make him out to be such a miserable wad that he should probably be thrown under a bus. The bonus round was listening to him piss and moan yet again about my boy Anderson. 

It wasn't that he was running his mouth. It was the fact that this time it was downright vicious. He literally made my skin crawl. Sounds like his PR agent wasn't too thrilled about it either. 

What is it about Anderson that gets Keith's panties in a bunch? Oh yeah, that Olbermann can't have him. And you know he wants him. Bad. Really, really bad.  Just like all those little school girls that handed him his ass on a daily basis back in the day. 

You can talk when we see you out in the shit for 15 years reporting from every bombed out, hopeless war zone on the planet. 

Until then, why don't you go back to your cozy little studio, play with your baseball cards, and STFU.
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09 April 2007 @ 07:15 pm
I never realize what a tv whore I am until my tv boyfriends decide they're going to ditch me all at once. Then I remember--quickly. 
It's been a week (a week!!) without the boys, and I am in a crushing withdrawal. Reruns are fine in a pinch, but Roberts is no Coop. I like to think they were all off on a deserted island......together....doing bad, bad things to each other.  
As it's been all Easter and Passover-ish this week, I'm sure that wasn't the case, what with one being a hot catholic daddy (see Colbert, Stephen), and the second being a hot jewish daddy (see Stewart, Jon) I'm sure they were doing the family thing (yawn). Apparently the third was busy being a bit of a hot man whore out on a "spate" of hot man dates (see Cooper, Anderson and Gawker). I want to watch.


In the meanwhile, I managed to quash my jonesing with my *other* tv boyfriend (see Tennant, David) and watched "Shakespeare Code" on Saturday. *love* *squee*, etc., etc.  Really, just brilliant. Flirting bisexual bard? Yes, please! 

Also, how freakin' great were the Sopranos???? Gah!!!! That's it, reduced to gutteral sounds of approval. 

Is it Monday yet? Thank God 

(Two hours 'til lift off--in my pants) 

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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05 April 2007 @ 05:35 pm

Dear Lord, how I love Doctor Who! 

It is completely brilliant and yes, it is crack. Why, do you ask? Well, for the uninitiated, here's just a taste of the sinfully delicious goodness you will find in the premiere of the third series (spoilery!): 

reverse rainfalls
hospitals on the moon
octogenarian plasmavore 
bendy straw as implement of doom
s&m type rhino head police force thingies
tie porn!
blue suit porn!
genetic transfers
cataloging via magic marker 2.0
dysfunctional family angst 
unrequited love
spaceships made of wood
(and yes, it's still bigger on the inside)......

Oh yes, this is still considered a show for the kiddies, mind you. 
Oh really? Not according to my private parts. 
Tennant is just painfully hot. He needs to get in my pants, now. Or I need to get into his. Either way would work. 
I want him-bad. 
 Is it Saturday yet? I don't know if my pants can take it.

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