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11 April 2007 @ 11:02 pm
Kvetching, gloating, and perving, oh my! (and turtles)  
The weather is killing me. Every time the snow finally melts, we get more. Or sleet and freezing rain so that everything turns into a muddy pit from hell when it melts. A month ago we had a weekend of 70 degree weather and then overnight had a storm dump over a foot of snow on the ground. Now we're getting more crappy weather over the weekend. Spring is when I can finally drag my sorry ass out of the emotional basement.  Hurry up and get here already!!. 

On a completely unrelated (Ander-gloating) note, can you say 50 million bucks? 5-0, 50 million over 5 years! Oh yeah, and worth every damn penny. As Stephen would say "Eat It Olbermann!!" I bet he's crying on the phone to his agent as we speak. 

On a shallow, perving Stephen note.....french cuffs, excessive adjusting of jackets and general hotness this evening.

And finally, Colburtle the Turtle!!  Follow the race! Save a turtle! www.greatturtlerace.com Heeeeee!!!!!

That is all
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