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09 April 2007 @ 07:15 pm
One week is seven days too long...  
I never realize what a tv whore I am until my tv boyfriends decide they're going to ditch me all at once. Then I remember--quickly. 
It's been a week (a week!!) without the boys, and I am in a crushing withdrawal. Reruns are fine in a pinch, but Roberts is no Coop. I like to think they were all off on a deserted island......together....doing bad, bad things to each other.  
As it's been all Easter and Passover-ish this week, I'm sure that wasn't the case, what with one being a hot catholic daddy (see Colbert, Stephen), and the second being a hot jewish daddy (see Stewart, Jon) I'm sure they were doing the family thing (yawn). Apparently the third was busy being a bit of a hot man whore out on a "spate" of hot man dates (see Cooper, Anderson and Gawker). I want to watch.


In the meanwhile, I managed to quash my jonesing with my *other* tv boyfriend (see Tennant, David) and watched "Shakespeare Code" on Saturday. *love* *squee*, etc., etc.  Really, just brilliant. Flirting bisexual bard? Yes, please! 

Also, how freakin' great were the Sopranos???? Gah!!!! That's it, reduced to gutteral sounds of approval. 

Is it Monday yet? Thank God 

(Two hours 'til lift off--in my pants) 

Sorry, couldn't resist.
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