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15 April 2007 @ 04:23 pm
Timing is everything  
I gave into my inner Starbucks whore today in an attempt to put off the coma I've been threatening to slip into. I was only partially successful, I think I need to start mainlining.

And while we're at it, what is it about life that virtually guarantees you will run into someone you don't want to when you're just there to get your hit and get the fuck out.

There are certain people walking around on this planet (and apparently my Starbucks) that I have a burning, consuming desire to avoid at all costs. It's not who you think, either. Not the ex-lover, not an unrequited lust, not a "frenemy" --
(and God, isn't that a great word). Everyone has *that* list.

All I'll say is that while they were asking me all the right, caring questions, I was planning my escape. 
Coping mechanisms are apparently my specialty. Even when they aren't working, I'll keep up the front.

So now I'm riding my caffiene high, have actually dug myself out from underneath a pile of work, and getting a fair bit of writing done that apparently won't leave me alone until it consumes me or I finish. 

Obligatory tv boyfriend update:

Anderson in Afghanistan all next week!! 

Olbermann will have the opportunity to worship at the altar of the flack jacket along with the rest of us. Oh, where will you be again, Keith? That's right, safe--in--the--studio. No political upheaval, no pesky war zones, no bombings or snipers, or um, fear of kidnapping. Just a quiet studio and glass of warm milk. 

I predict Stephen will hand Sean Penn his bony little ass next week. 

Paul Dinello needs to come home with me.
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